Chain-Pattern Ring

Today I spent some time practicing new skills by cleaning up a model I made for a school assignment a while back.  The original had so many problems I was afraid to turn it in, but it’s looking pretty good now!

Screenshot (3)

Because I was learning, I made many alterations to this design as I went along, and when I got to the finishing stages there were a lot of odd edges I didn’t have the skills to fix yet.  Getting all the holes to chamfer correctly on the back seemed impossible, and my inclination was not to bother on the grounds that it would be easy to do in the metal later.  That was silly, and with some more practice, extracting and repairing those edges for a nice clean model was pretty easy.

As a setter this is one of my favorite types of work.  A repeating pattern doesn’t hide many mistakes but makes for a very satisfying result, and pushing all those tiny prongs becomes a kind of meditation.  This ring takes .9 millimeter diamonds, which sounds tiny, but with shared prongs they’ll really sparkle.

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