3D Printed English Bobbins

My first 3D printed bobbins came out so well that I knew I’d need to design some more!   I decided to give another popular bobbin type a go, the English style lace bobbin.   English bobbins have a long thin shape and a hole in one end to recieve “spangles,” usually glass beads on a loop of wire.  Spangling offers lacemakers a way to personalize their bobbins, although many traditional bobbins are already beautiful works of art in their own right.  Spangles can also be used to color-code bobbins to make pairs and threads easier for the lacemaker to identify.

English style bobbins, 3D printed in PLA plastic

Here they are!  Notice the holes in the bottom.  I haven’t spangled them myself, since that seems like a personal thing.  When I’m learning a new skill I want to celebrate it with beautiful equipment, but I also want to stick to a budget, since I can only expect to master so many hobbies and maintain so many passions over a lifetime, and I don’t yet know which of the available tools will suit me best in the long term.  So offering beginners a chance to customize a little while we all dream of graduating to that incredible artisan-made equipment we all see online.  Mine are up for sale in my Etsy shop here.

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