3D Printed Trading Card Frame

Those following my Etsy shop will have noticed another non-jewelry addition last week.  I recently encountered another “problem” in my personal life.  People I know and love have started appearing on their very own trading cards (usually as part of a promotional effort for rec sports groups, not at random.  Things aren’t that strange around here yet).  Not being very good at getting pictures while fun things are actually happening, I love this idea.  I needed a way to display them proudly, along with any really good Magic the Gathering cards I might need to show off.  A little experimenting and I came up with this:


The top of the frame snaps on and off to hold the card securely.  It’s wide enough to accomodate a protective sleeve if you want to use one, but the frame works fine without as well.  Of course I glued a magnet on the back because local sports stars belong on the fridge!  They’ve brightened up my kitchen and are ready to do the same for others!

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